Kate Middleton Continues To Battle Morning Sickness With Unusual Snack

As recommended by the Duchess Of Cornwall

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Kate Middleton is apparently trying a new remedy to help her battle morning sickness, and it’s rather scrumptious.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who was hospitalised in early December after suffering from an acute form of morning sickness, is apparently snacking on lavender biscuits to battle the nausea.

Kate, 30, was given the tip by Prince Charles’ wife the Duchess of Cornwall – with lavender being an old recommendation for nausea.

Kate and Wills leave hospital (Wenn)

Lots of pregnant women treat themselves to a bath with a few drops of lavender oil in, but according to The Sun, Kate has been eating her way through the natural remedy in shortbread biscuits.

Camilla is said to be a fan of the sweet treat, and they have been sending Kate boxes of the biscuits which are sole at Fortnum and Mason, as well as by Prince Charles’ own brand Duchy Original.

Since Kate left London’s Edward VII hospital, she has been spotted at a number of public appearances in the lead up to Christmas, including the Sports Personality of the Year, where she told host Gary Lineker that she was feeling “much better”.

Kate and her husband Wills celebrated a quiet Christmas with her family this year, with Wills keen to let his wife stay out of the spotlight as she’s still in the early stages of her pregnancy.

The Royal couple did however drive up to celebrate a late Christmas with the rest of the Royal family at Sandringham on Boxing Day.

Wills joined his grandfather and family for the Boxing Day shoot, while Kate stayed with the Queen, and they all met up for lunch at Wood Farm, which is a small lodge on the impressive 20,000 acre estate.

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