Khloe Kardashian 'Not Bitter' Or 'Jealous' Of Kim And Kanye West Baby News

The reality star is happy for the arrival of her sister's bundle of joy

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Any rumours that Khloe Kardashian is envious of her sister Kim's news that she is pregnant, have been dashed as the X Factor USA host is said to not be "bitter" or "jealous" of Kim's impending role of motherhood.

Whilst fans expressed their sadness for Khloe following the announcement that Kim is with child, on Twitter, a source has now revealed to HollywoodLife, that Khloe is really happy for her sister and Kanye.

The insider commented: "Khloe’s real happy for her sister – she got nothing but love Kim and Kanye and she’s going to be cool as auntie to their baby, just like she is with Kourtney’s kids. It’s the end of the year and It’s really a family affair in the Kardashian house – they are all happy, surprised, shocked, emotional you name and they are feeling it.

“Khloe is not jealous in the least. That’s some foul s**t to ask and its foul to think too. That’s her sister and she’s happy for Kim and Kanye. The news only uplifts Khloe, it makes her feel proud and she’s honored.”

Khloe has expressed her joy at Kim's baby news (WENN)

Believing that Khloe is truly "excited" about the impending arrival of a baby, another source added:

"Khloe is very excited and not bitter at all. She is very happy over the news. Khloe and Lamar really like Kayne, and feed off their excitement and its a very happy time in the Kardashian household/"

Following Kanye's revelation that Kim is expecting their first child, Khloe tweeted:

"So excited to welcome another little angel into our crazy fam! Congrats Kim & Kanye!!! <3"

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