'I'm The Thinnest I've Ever Been': Yet Kelly Osbourne Is Still Being Seen As 'Fat'

After slimming down to 7 stone Kelly is still struggling with being seen as fat...

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Kelly Osbourne is frustrated with people still seeing her as 'fat' even though she has lost over four stone of weight over the years, helped by her recent stint on Dancing With The Stars.

The daughter of ex-X Factor judge, Sharon Osbourne, and Black Sabbath rockstar, Ozzy Osbourne, has always struggled with people judging her size - as she was not so small during her teens, around the time of the popular documentary about her family, The Osbournes. And even now, as she has grown into a slim woman she is still struggling to be seen as small.

Kelly is still struggling with people seeing her as 'fat', even after losing over 4 stone (Photo: WENN)

She reveals her frustration, after telling Now magazine: "I'm the thinnest I've ever been and the healthiest I've ever been...The totally insane thing is that I'm a UK size 4 to 6 and people still say I'm fat."

It must be annoying when she has lost so much weight - going from around 11 and a half stone down to 7 stone - to not get the recognition she deserves.

Determined to keep her amazing figure Kelly tells Fabulous: "I still exercise every day, even just for 15 minutes, but I'm careful with what I eat, I read the labels."

Let's hope she can keep it up because she is looking absolutely brilliant!

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Kelly Osbourne at the VH1 Divas 2012. (FayesVision/WENN)