PHOTO: Ozzy Osbourne Hangs out With Granddaughter Pearl

He's one rocking Grandad!

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Ozzy Osbourne spent the last decade putting the 'fun' in dysfunctional family - but it looks like he's chilling out, and isn't taking things at such a madcap pace with his children's children.

Proud Dad Jack snapped a picture of Ozzy smiling proudly and holding his grandaugter Pearl, and uploaded it to Twitter with the caption 'Pearl making her grandad laugh!'

Jack's wife Lisa gave birth to baby Pearl eight months ago, and she spent her first Christmas with the Osbournes. It was also Jack and Lisa's first Christmas as a married couple, after their Hawaiian wedding in October.

At the end of last month, Lisa blogged that she's not yet ready for a second baby. In response to the influx of second time celebrity Mums, she wrote "I have a friend who has a small baby and wants another right away. For me, I'm personally not over the trauma of my first pregnancy!

"I can't even think about being pregnant and taking care of an infant Pearl...babies are a blessing, so congrats to both Jessica [Simpson] and Peaches [Geldof]!"

It sounds like they've got enough baby business to keep them busy. And it would be hard to have another kid as cute as little Pearl!

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