Lily Cole Gets Cosy With Twitter Inventor

She's been seeing billionaire Jack Dorsey

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Billionaires don't see the New Year in with a prawn ring, watching Jools Holland's Hootenanny. They spend the holiday hanging out in St Barths with tattooed supermodels - at least, they do if they're Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

Jack was spotted entertaining supermodel Lily Cole on his yacht, which according to Mail Online, is believed to cost $240,000 a week to run. Good thing Jack's worth approximately $1.1 billion!

Lily took to the beach in a leaf print swimsuit, and unveiled her newest tattoo - a line drawing of a bird in flight on her back.

Her other inkings inculde a gothic tattoo on the instep of her foot with a Latin inscription reading 'Ut Apes Geometriam' which means 'as bees, geometry'. Well, she has been to Cambridge...

Lily also enjoyed a paddleboard lesson from Def Jam Records founder Rick Rubin, who was also a guest on the boat.

If things get serious with Lily and Jack, she might get to investigate his new $9.9 million property overlooking San Francisco bay.

We wouldn't be surprised if Jack fell for the brainy beauty - what does 2013 have in store for them? Tell us what you think!