Robert Pattinson 'Warns His Family To Back Off From Criticising Kristen Stewart'

The 'Twilight' star needs space to make his own decisions

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It's been reported that Robert Pattinson will make a final decision on his relationship with Kristen Stewart in the coming months, but until then he is said to have "warned" his family to back off from criticising the 'Snow White And Huntsman star'.

According to sources, Rob spent a large part of the festive season having his ear tirelessly bashed about his "cheating" girlfriend's ways by his sisters Lizzy and Victoria.

"Lizzy and Vic tried to talk Rob into ditching Kristen for good. They feel he looks like a chump for taking her back so quickly," an insider told OK! magazine.

The star's siblings even failed miserably to convince Rob to embrace the the bachelor lifestyle, pointing out available beauties in Hollywood.

"They love to tell him when certain models become single — like when Leo DiCaprio broke up with Erin Heatherton — but he doesn’t care."

Well, it seems the Brit hunk has had enough of others meddling in his relationship and has shown his devotion to Kristen by issuing his family with a stern warning.

The source added: "Rob has told his family to back off. If they keep making things difficult, Kristen just may get her wish — and Rob could push them away."

Over the Christmas period Kristen was seen arriving in the UK, as well as on the London tube, shooting down rumours of any friction with Rob and his family.


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