UPDATE: Cheryl Cole Denies Being 'Desperate For Baby With Unsure Boyfriend Tre Holloway'

Sources say the singer is telling friends she's ready to be a mum

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Cheryl Cole has never hidden the fact that she wants a large family, so it comes as no surprise the pop princess has been telling friends she's ready to have babies with her boyfriend Tre Holloway now.

The only problem is the backing dancer may not be as keen as Cheryl to have a brood of mini-mes just yet.

"Cheryl has always wanted to start a family and have lots of kids," a source told Look magazine.

According to the close source, Cheryl always wanted to be a young mum and thought she was ok with delaying her plans when they didn't materialise with her ex-husband Ashley Cole, but since hooking up with Tre, those feeling have come back.

Cheryl and Tre have been dating for 10 months (Will Alexander/WENN)

"She's totally fallen for him so it must have made all those feelings come flooding back," the source added.

However, insiders say Cheryl's only obstacle will be most likely convincing super-ambitious Tre with her baby plans.

"They've only been dating for 10 months and Tre may not be ready to move to the next level yet, although he's a real family guy and is fantastic with kids."

"Tre has big ambitions as a choreographer. He sees himself working as a director - bringing his vision to the stage and screen all over the world. It's hard to see any room for kids in that dream at the moment."

Cheryl Cole's reps have denied their is any truth to Look magazine's claims.

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