'I Want To Make Love To My Husband': Beyonce Reveals Intimate Moments With Jay-Z In GQ Interview (PHOTOS)

Queen Bey isn't holding back in 2013

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Beyonce may have been cautious about revealing details of her private life in the past, but it seems becoming a mother may have changed the diva, who provides an insight into her marriage with Jay-Z in her new interview with GQ magazine.

The 'Single Ladies' singer's steamy cover shoot for the publication was unveiled earlier this week, showing a sexier image to Beyonce that has been non-existent in the last year as she embraced becoming a mother to Blue Ivy.

This is the cover which has got EVERYONE talking (Terry Richardson/GQ)

In the accompanying interview with GQ, Beyonce invites the magazine into her "official Beyonce archive", which is stored in her New York offices and features every single interview, personal diary entries which have been filmed and every photograph ever taken of the diva.

In one personal clip found in the temperature-controlled room, Beyonce can be seen talking to the camera, assuring herself that she doesn't have to be perfect every minute, while also making reference to her sex life with hubby Jay-Z.

"Stop pretending that I have it all together," Beyonce says.

"If I'm scared, be scared, allow it, release it, move on. I think I need to go listen to 'Make Love to Me' and make love to my husband."

In the same interview, Beyonce discusses her upcoming Super Bowl performance, saying she connects to the sports event as she is so strategic with her performances.

Beyonce looks smoking hot in another photo from the shoot (Terry Richardson/GQ)

"One of the reasons I connect to the Super Bowl is that I approach my shows like an athlete," Beyonce explains.

"You know how they sit down and watch whoever they're going to play and study themselves? That's how I treat this."

"I watch my performances, and I wish I could just enjoy them, but I see the light that was late. I see, 'Oh God, that hair did not work.' Or 'I should never do that again.' I try to perfect myself."

"I want to grow, and I'm always eager for new information."

2013 is definitely the year of Beyonce!

(Terry Richardson/GQ)

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