PHOTO: Sneak Peek At Jennifer Lawrence In The 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

The actress poses as Katniss Everdeen alongside Sam Claflin in a new 'Hunger Games' snap...

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Jennifer Lawrence may be busily scooping up awards everywhere for her stellar performance in the 'Silver Linings Playbook', but we imagine fans of her as Katniss Everdeen will be far more excited to lay their eyes on this sneak-peek at the eagerly awaited 'Hunger Games' sequel...

'Catching Fire', which is set to be released in late 2013, is the second installment of the 'Hunger Games' trilogy and fans of the franchise are already chomping at the bit to see Jennifer Lawrence pick up her bow and arrow as Katniss Everdeen again.

Fingers crossed that Entertainment Weekly's sneak peek of the film is enough to keep their appetites sated for now...

Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin poses in 'Catching Fire' promo image

January 14 2013 (Splash News / EW)

Jennifer Lawrence - who is up for Best Actress at the Oscars 2013 - poses alongside newcomer to the films Sam Claflin on the cover of US magazine, Entertainment Weekly.

Claflin is set to take on the role of Finnick Odair, described in the books as being attractive - despite the sense of danger that surrounds the former 'Hunger Games' Tribute champion. Can Katniss trust him when they enter the arena for a second time?

The image shows Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin suited up and ready for battle in the arena, with Claflin holding up a trident.

We can't wait to see the pair in battle again come November 2013!

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