Lots Of Blood, A Decapitated Head & Edible Condoms - 5 Pictures That Will Make You Never Want To Eat Cake Again

What a way to launch a movie!

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Cake Boss would be proud. To launch 'The Helpers' DVD release last night, they threw an edible horror movie event in London.

Murder scenes from the movie were recreated by the Eat Your Heart Out team, creating some of the most gruesome, yet impressive cakes we've ever scene.

Does turn your stomach though. Take a look.

Who's up for the first slice?

Why is it so good? We just can't put our fingers on it

Hummingbird, eat your heart out - actually, let's not encourage that!

Edible condoms, what a concept.

Who's had a cheeky bite? There's a pizza there!

'The Helpers' is available on DVD from January 21, and you can visit this 'horror filled multi-sensory edible experience set' at the Original Content London base in east London.