Lady Gaga Avoids Splitting Her Pants By Sticking To Dresses At Staples Centre Performance

The singer kept away from her beloved leather pants

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Lady Gaga showed off her endless supply of costumes as she took to the stage at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles to continue her 'Born This Way' tour.

Lady Gaga took to the stage in a rubber skirt and bra combo (GoldenEye / London Entertainment)

The 'Bad Romance' singer managed to avoid another fashion disaster - this time sticking to dresses - after ripping her leather trousers during a performance last week in Vancouver.

The singer later wore a white gown (GoldenEye / London Entertainment)

Taking to the stage, the pop star turned up the dramatics in several costumes, including a rubber dress and bra and a meat-inspired mini dress.

Gaga donned another dress made from meat (GoldenEye / London Entertainment)

Before her headlining gig, the 26-year-old spent five hours at celebrity favourite, Shamrock tattoo, with her sister, possibly to add another etching to her growing collection of body art.

The singer opted to wear several dresses pehaps to avoid another fashion mishap (GoldenEye / London Entertainment)

Meanwhile, it's been reported that Lady Gaga will performing at Barack Obama's second inauguration ball this week.

According to The Associated Press, a source has confirmed that the 'Judas' singer is set to perform on Tuesday night.

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