From Mila Kunis To Henry Cavill: Five Stars Who Sound Like They're Desperate For A Role In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Who's been dropping hints that they want to get steamy

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So far there have been a lot of rumours as to who'll play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', but most stars when asked about taking a role either blush or deny they'll star outright.

Yet there are some stars who would love a spot in the 'mummy-porn' movie, and here we've taken a look at five who've declared an intersest in playing Christian or Ana in the movie of E.L. James'

First up there's Mila Kunis, as the sultry star who told The Sun about a prospective role this week: "There are times when you just want to do something fun and different, because you’re going to have a good time doing it."

Mila Kunis, set for Ana role? (Photo: FayesVision/WENN)

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale sparked rumours last summer when she told MTV News: "I think every girl on the carpet wants to play her. I mean, that would be freaking awesome."

She added: “People have said that [I should be cast as Ana], but others have also said [I should star as] her little sister instead, which I think could also make sense … Because I do look a little young for Ana, but what a big role to take on! I’m really curious to see how it’s all going to [happen].”

A Greyer shade of Hale? Lucy's up for it. (Photo: Adrianna M. Barazza/WENN)

He's got three sex based movies on at Sundance, as well as the kinky Selena Gomez film 'Spring Breakers' coming up, and James Franco is apparently keen on 'Fifty Shades' as he told The Sunday Times: "It sounds interesting, I heard Gus [Van Sant] might direct it. If he directed it, I’d do it."

Has James Franco got the wip hand? (Photo: Andrea Raffin/WENN)

Superman star Henry Cavill's reps may have denied his involvement, but with his talent agency meeting the fim's producers, that hasn't squashed rumours, especially as he told Details magazine: "Whether that happens, that decision will be made at the time it has to be made. It would be a very different kind of thing than Man of Steel."

Christian Grey: Man of Steel? Henry Cavill is a fan favourite (Photo: Apega/WENN)

Porn star James Deen told EW!: "It seems like a character I could have a lot of fun with,” he told EW. “I’ve heard really mixed responses about it, like, ‘Oh, it’s a cheesy Twilight wannabe.’… [but] I think it could be fun. I feel like it could be a really cool, fun role to work on.”

James Deen would be used to sex scenes (Photo: Splash News)

So forget all the gossip, these are the stars who've openly said that they're open to being cast and indulging their naughty sides.

Who would be your favourite? Does the thought of Mila as sophisticated Ana get you going? Or do you think the youthful beauty of Lucy Hale is right for the part?

Does James Franco as Christian make you more fond of the whip than your average jockey? Is Henry Cavill your man for Steele? Or is it only James Deen who has the raunchy credentials?

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