Amber Rose Boasts She's 9 Months Pregnant And Stretch Mark Free

Kate Middleton, look away now. Amber Rose has a brag-worthy pregnancy body...

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Model mummy-to-be Amber Rose caused a stir across Instagram when she posted a photo of her pregnant belly at the weekend, happily revelling in the fact that, at nine months gone, she has absolutely zilch stretch marks.

We imagine newly pregnant yummy mummies in waiting, like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, might want to ask Amber Rose for her secret...

Amber Rose shows off her baby bump - January 27 2013 (Instagram)

"Nine months pregnant and no stretch marks on my body," she gleefully boasted in the accompanying caption. "Thank you Jesus!

Just before posting the photo, which is sure to get fellow celeb mums green with envy, Amber Rose also hit out at those claiming she's been pregnant "forever":

"I gotta be honest it's really irritating to hear ppl say "God, u've been pregnant forever".... I'm making a baby not Ramen noodles."

Not long to go now, impatient Amber Rose fans!

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