PHOTOS: Record-Breaking 'David Bowie Is' Exhibition Arrives At The V&A Museum

These photos offer an exciting first look at the much-anticipate David Bowie exhibition...

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David Bowie is currently No1 in the UK album charts, but it seems as if the Starman is just as easily making history with the amazing 'David Bowie Is' exhibition at the V&A museum.

It's the fastest-selling exhibition in V&A history, and it hasn't even opened yet.

And, as these photos clearly show, the exhibit is just as evocative and surreal as the music of the man himself...

From the fashion of David Bowie, to the music, to the utterly enthralling videos, this exhibition offers an absorbing and, at times, unsettling view into what it is that makes the legendary singer so wildly captivating.

It's an immersive experience; after all, Bowie was always insistent that he wasn't about the fashion - he simply wanted his music "to look how it sounds". And it's that sense of synesthesia which is clearly present across the 'David Bowie Is' exhibit. A sense that this isn't just about a musician, it's about an artist intent on creating an entirely immersive experience.

It's all here. From the turquoise Life On Mars jumpsuit, famously donned by supermodel Kate Moss, to the metallic Ziggy Stardust bodysuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto, each of the costumes we associate instantly with Bowie's music has been displayed in as theatrical way possible.

Bowie fans will delight in paying homage to the Starman, others will love the exhibit for it's strong attention to detail and fashionable centrepieces. No wonder this has become the fastest-selling V& show ever...

PHOTOS: David Bowie Is, V&A exhibition

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