'I'm Sorry': New Kids On The Block Star Fuels Anxiety Speculation After Walking Off Stage (VIDEO)

Jonathan Knight appeared 'out of sync' with the rest of the group during the show

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New Kids On The Block fans were left stunned at their concert in New York City last night when member Jonathan Knight suddenly walked off stage midway through the show, prompting fears for his mental health.

Jonathan Knight alongside his bandmates Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and his brother Jordan Knight, hit the stage on Thursday evening at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment's iHeartRadio Theater in NYC in celebration of their new album, 10, which was released this week.

However, the night didn't go too smoothly for Jonathan who unexpectedly disappeared from the stage and failed to return despite pleas from the audience.

Jonathan Knight walked off stage during a New Kids On The Block concert in NYC (Alberto Reyes/WENN.com)

According to Billboard.com, who were in attendance, Jonathan “was visibly out of synch with the rest of the group,” and even missed his cue when the group performed their trademark move during 'Hangin' Tough.'

Even more bizarrely, Jonathan is said to have received a phone call on his mobile during the concert and was “distracted by it,” despite “smiling” at his bandmates.

Donnie and co attempted to put Jonathan at ease by wrapping their arms around him but it did little to help, and the singer walked off stage during the ballad 'Survive You' after attempting to sing the lyrics. Donnie tried to encourage Jonathan to carry on, reminding him that their “fans have paid thousands” to attend the concert but again his efforts failed.

While there has been no official explanation for Jonathan's behaviour, he tweeted shortly after the concert, “I'm sorry......”

NKOTB have certainly had a busy week with several appearances on various TV shows including Today, The View and Bravo, in a bid to promote their new record. Many are now speculating that Jonathan's disappearance may be down to his previous battles with anxiety.

New Kids On The Block are yet to comment on Jonathan Knight's walk-out (Alberto Reyes/WENN.com)

Opening up to Oprah Winfrey in 2000, Jonathan said of his panic attacks: “The whole New Kids thing was crazy. The more it grew, the more I just felt like I was trapped.

“I just always had this feeling inside me of always being nervous and afraid of situations. The hardest thing for me was doing interviews, doing talk shows, photo sessions, being in the studio… just because you're with so many different people.

“You're shaky, your heart just starts pounding, and you have a dry mouth. The easiest thing for me was to just avoid situations,” Jonathan added.

EntertainmentWise have contacted NKOTB's rep for comment. Watch the footage of Jonathan walking off stage below...