Kanye West 'Left Furious' After Kris Humphries Skips Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial

Kris was a no-show at yesterday's court hearing

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The US judge wasn't the only one that was annoyed with Kris Humphries' no-show at yesterday's Kim Kardashian divorce hearing, with the reality star's beau Kanye West said to be 'furious' about the basketball player's absence.

TMZ reported yesterday that Kris had been "held up in New York," leaving Kim to battle things out alone, but Hollywoodlife now states that their fellow gossip site "blew the whole thing out of proportion."

A source told Hollywoodlife: “TMZ and Harvey Levin have their heads so far up Laura Wasser‘s [Kim's divorce lawyer] a** that they are doing everything to make [Kris] look like a fool. The site should be called KMZ,” the source explains.

The source adds, “They are getting all there info on the events in court from Laura, so how else do you think she is going to skew it? Just another Kardashian controlled situation.”

However, despite them covering Kris' back, it seems like Kim's rapper BF Kanye wasn't too happy that her ex husband didn't show.

“It irks everybody involved to know how f**king shiesty [Kris] is,” the source explains.

”Kanye don’t care that it makes him look bad in court for not showing up, he just wants this s**t over and so does Kim!”

The source adds, “It’s just sad this s**t is taking so long, and this dude is going to try to drag this s**t on forever.”

Kim leaves the court hearing yesterday, April 12 (Photo: Splash News)

It looks like things may FINALLY be over between Kim and Kris though, after new reports suggested that the next court date has been announced to finish things once and for all.

According to Radar Online, the couple were unable to agree on terms of the divorce and now the case is scheduled to go to trial on May 6.

Humphries’ attorney, Lee Hutton told the site, “The trial is proceeding as scheduled and I can’t comment on the proceedings today because they are confidential.”

Looks like we should expect fireworks, judging by their previous battles!

Kris wants an annulment on grounds of fraud and will produce evidence which reportedly show the Kardashian reality shows are routinely faked. The 72-day marriage has resulted in a divorce battle that has lasted far, far longer then the time spent together by the couple.

Kim K was left to go it alone in court as Kris was 'held up in NYC'

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Kim Kardashian leaves court after Kris Humphries divorce hearing, April 12 (Photos: Splash News)