REVIEW: Doctor Who - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

The TARDIS had crashed, Clara is lost inside and the Doctor has 30 minutes before his ship explodes

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REVIEW: Doctor Who - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
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In tonight's episode of Doctor Who, a salvage ship catches and causes some serious damage to Tardis. Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) is trapped inside the “infinite” Tardis so The Doctor (Matt Smith) enlists, or rather forces, the help of the salvage ship crew – he locks the door and tells them he has set the self destruct to go off in 30 minutes so they need to find Clara before that happens.

On their journey through the Tardis, The Doctor and the Van Baalan brothers find an extremely valuable machine that can create other machines – whatever is desired. Too tempted by this, and against The Doctor’s warning, Gregor Van Baalen (Ashley Walters) takes a section of the circuit. The Tardis then creates a maze to trap The Doctor and the crew until Gregor gives the circuit back.

Tricky Van Baalen (Jahvel Hall) who believes he is an android but actually turns out to be a human with bionic eyes and a synthetic voice box, tell Gregor to give the circuit back. Due to this the Tardis leads him and The Doctor to an echo of the control room in order to protect them.

Meanwhile Clara has found the library and reads “The History of the Time War” and discovers The Doctor has a name. She also gets chased by a monster around the endless corridors of the Tardis. Bram Van Baalen (Mark Oliver) is killed by one of these monsters as he explores the Tardis separately from the others.

Clara is also led to an echo and the control room, but on a different frequency to The Doctor. However, The Doctor being The Doctor manages to break through to Clara’s frequency and grab her to his, just before she is attacked by one of the monsters.

Now reunited, the next task is to repair the damage to the Tardis which means going right to the centre. On their way they discover there is a rupture in time aboard the Tardis which means bits of the past and the future are leaking through. The monsters are actually burnt zombie versions of Clara from the future who died in the room with the exploding star (don’t ask. It’s something to do with the Tardis’ power supply).

In the panic that they might not get to the centre of the Tardis in time and the fact that Clara is set to die once again, The Doctor questions Clara on who she is and tells her about the other hers he has met and lost. But she has no idea what he is talking about and The Doctor calms down enough to realise that the dangerous zones the Tardis keeps throwing at them are actually like the snarls of an animal. It is trying to scare them away from the core.

With that in mind, The Doctor and Clara jump off a ledge and arrive at the centre – a white room filled with floating scraps of metal – but they are too late. But then The Doctor notices the burn markings on Clara’s hand from a grenade type object she picked up at the beginning of the episode. This tells The Doctor what he has to do to save them all.

The Doctor reaches through one of the time rifts for just enough time to tell the past him what to do to prevent the whole salvage escapade and death of them all – he throws him the grenade object which is actually a reset button, resetting time to before the Tardis is captured and leaving all the people involved with no memory of the days happenings.

The cast film the 50th episode in London

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