will.i.am Praises Justin Bieber As 'One Of The Greatest Musical Talents'

The Voice coach reveals it was a challenge to get Justin to appear in the video for #thatpower

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will.i.am has heaped praise on Justin Bieber describing him as a "great talent" but also admits that it was a struggle getting the singer to appear in the video for their new single as he has been performing on his 'Believe' tour for several months.

In the video, Justin appears as a hologram while will.i.am and his entourage are seen attempting to activate a mysterious box of light.


Will.I.Am admits getting Justin Bieber to appear in new video 'wasn't easy' (WENN.com)

In an interview with ET Online, The Voice coach explained that fitting in filming the video with the 19-year-old's manic schedule was often a challenge.

He explained: “Justin's on tour. It was tough to get this video [done].

“I had to fly to Barcelona to shoot Justin Bieber then flew to Japan to work with Rio and the boys on the choreography for it. So it was a lot of trekking.”

Justin has been hitting the headlines for all wrong reasons almost on a daily basis while on his 'Believe' world tour for leaving his fans waiting for hours for performances and having is tour bus raided for drugs while in Stockholm.

Justin Bieber is one of the greatest artists of the last five years according to will.i.am (WENN)

The 'Scream and Shout' hitmaker has spoken out in defence of the young star saying: “Justin is a great talent.

Of all the people I have worked with over the past five years he is one of the best.”

Will recently released his new album #willpower which peaked at number three on the UK album charts.

Watch the video for #thatpower below...

Justin Bieber Rocks Out On His 'Believe' Tour in Manchester...

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Justin Bieber takes to the stage in Manchester, Feb 22 (Photos: WENN)