Fans React To How I Met Your Mother Finale As The Mother Of Ted's Children Is Finally Revealed! (Spoilers)

The show has finally revealed who will be the future Mrs.Mosby

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The series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired in the USA last night and we have finally caught a short glimpse of the mother' face, after eight years of waiting to find out who it is that Ted was talking about!

The final episode of the current series finally revealed the face of “the girl with the yellow umbrella” and so the series has at last resolved it's biggest mystery. Every guest star and love interest Ted has had has been linked with the role but the actress playing the mother, Cristin Milotti, only appeared for the first time last night.

As of yet, Ted and the un-named character have not met and will be introduced in the next series, but we did see her at the end of the episode holding the umbrella, buying a train ticket. The co-creators and executive producers of the show Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have previously confirmed that first ever official meeting of Ted and The Girl With the Yellow Umbrella will be after Barney and Robin's wedding, as the next and final season premieres.

Fans of the show took to twitter to share what they thought of the big reveal, some of them seemed ecstatic that they finally knew, after eight years, who the future Mrs.Mosby was: “@jordano_saurus: Now that I've actually seen the mother's face after 8 years, I can die happily. #HIMYMFinale”

How I Met Your Mother Has Been Running For Eight Years (WENN)

One fan of the show posted: “@milburnjack:8 Series later we finally met the mother! I care about this a lot more than I should!!! Can't wait for next season #himym #wemetthemother”

Another viewer believes the wait was completely worth it as they took to their twitter account to say: “@zarrinalam:I spent eight years watching How I Met Your Mother waiting for the moment when they'd reveal Ted's soulmate and it was worth it. #himym”

This How I Met Your Mother fanatic seemed to be in total shock, posting: “@misseturnbull:Omg! They showed her, they finally revealed her! #himym omgomgomg.”

One viewer of the show seemed to think a much more well known actress deserved the role of Ted's future wife, writing: “@FirstHomeDreams:The most long awaited character in the history of sitcoms actress I don't recognize. #himym”

Whilst another twitter user thinks it took a bit too long for the big reveal: “‏@JordanDaisley: Can't believe the mother has finally been revealed, only took about 200 episodes. #HIMYMFinale”

Finally this viewer just wasn't all that impressed with the choice at all as he posted: “‏@DarrenGroome: Awkward moment when you see the mother for the first time after 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and aren't very impressed #HIMYMFinale”