Daniel Radcliffe Planning Tattoos But Not 'Prison-Style Inkings Like Harry Styles'

Harry Potter admits he hasn't seen Harry's tatts

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Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has grown up in front of our very own eyes since taking on the lead role as the boy wizard and now he's revealed that he wants to get some tattoos, but probably not like One Direction star Harry Styles.

The 23-year-old was discussing getting some inkings, and said: "I've always liked tattoos. I think they look great, and when they're done well, they're really, really cool."

But Daniel hasn't taken the plunge yet and remains a tattoo virgin, especially as he's had to take his kit off for several roles.

Daniel Radcliffe wants some tattoos - and he has something in mind (Wenn)

While on Capital Breakfast with Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, Daniel went on to clarify that even though he's not seen Harry Styles' vast collection of tattoos, he already isn't keen.

Harry has a large number of small and large inkings, including a number of song lyrics, including some by George Michael, two swallows and giant ship as well as other random tatts.

"I haven't seen Harry Styles' tattoos. [Are they] like prison tattoos? Isn't that what you have when you've done five years?" he queried.

But it sounds as if Daniel has had inspiration, but from a movie character, who used his body as a permanent post-it due to his memory loss.

"I kind of want to end up like Guy Pearce from Memento," he said. "That's the ideal, just lots of words and shopping lists and stuff."

We recently spoke to celebrity tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, who slammed Harry Styles' tattoos, claiming he should have them "lasered", after admitting he gave the star a ticking off over his choice of inkings.

Harry spotted showing off tattoosas he makes his way to the pool (Splash News)

Having given One Direction's ladies' man Harry his black 17 tattoo and a Pingu tattoo, which matches Ed Sheeran's, he talked to EntertainmentWise about first meeting the young star and how he was unimpressed by his first foray into the world of the tattoo.

“When I first met Harry, he didn't really know what was going on with tattoos and that," he said. Blasting his current childlike tattoos he went on to say that Harry should get rid of them all and maybe get himself a sleeve which would look more elegant.

“Get rid of all that stuff, have it lasered," he said. “We could probably work with what’s there and then make it look a lot better.”