Big Brother 2013: After Daley Ojuederie's Dramatic Week We Look Back At BB's Most Controversial Housemates

From Nasty Nick to Fight Night, the BB house has seen it's fair share of rule breakers

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Big Brother 2013 has had it's most dramatic week yet over the past seven days, with contestant Daley Ojuederie booted out of the house following his "threatening behaviour" toward his one time flirt buddy Hazel O'Sullivan. But Daley is far from the first BB housemate to attract controversy...

Nasty Nick: The ultimate Big Brother villain? (WENN)

1. Nasty Nick

Way back in 2000 the very first series of BB saw Nick Bateman become a national hate figure after his tactical voting was uncovered. Following a dramatic round-table confrontation led by house hero and eventual winner Craig, Nick left the house via the back door dramatically declaring "If you live by the sword, you die by the sword." Whilst BB can barely get through a day now without someone being given a ticking off for discussing nominations, back then this was a huge issue, we promise...

2. Kinga Karolczak

The curvy blonde got everyone talking back in 2005 when she spent some along time in the BB garden with a wine bottle. Enough said.

3. Victor Ebuwa and Emma Greenwood in Fight Night

Victor found himself in the middle of BB5's Fight Night (WENN)

Series five saw perhaps when of the most memorable drunken evenings in BB history. It all started when Emma and fellow housemate Michelle Bass were secretly housed in the secret bedsit for five days, to spy on their housemates. When they made a surprise return to the main house a major argument ensued with Victor and Emma nearly coming to blows. Security were called in, Emma was removed from the house and Victor was handed a formal warning.

4. Emily Parr

19-year-old Emily was ejected from the 2007 house after calling her housemate Charley Uchea a racially offensive name. Despite insisting that it was all in jest, Channel 4 were quick to act following the racial controversy that surrounded that year's Celebrity series.

5. Dennis McHugh

In BB9 Dennis found himself ejected via the BB back door after spitting in housemate's Mohamed's face. Nice.

6. Makosi Musambasi

Remember Makosi's jacuzzi romp? (WENN)

Makosi had us all cringing after her jacuzzi romp with fellow housemate Anthony Hutton, followed by her diary room pregnancy worries. That jacuzzi will never be the same again.

7. Alexandra De-Gale

Remember Alexandra? No? Well you'll probably remember her infamous "gangster friend" claims. Alex was chucked out of the house following her intimidating comments to housemate Darnell Swallow, which included some threats as: "Personal offence is never forgotten, do you know what I mean? We are just inside the house. I've got a very strong team outside the house".

8. Ahmed Aghil

Poor Ahmed became so incensed by the BB wake-up call, that one morning he took himself to the kitchen to smash a load of plates. The moment was recreated in all it's glory when the housemate returned for a cameo appearance in Ultimate BB to wreak havoc on the Ikea china once again.

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