'What A T**': Fans React As Huey Morgan Throws Mug And Storms Off Never Mind The Buzzcocks

The panelist didn't appear to be in a very good mood

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Lighthearted is Never Mind The Buzzcocks middle name, but it appears Fun Loving Criminals star Huey Morgan wasn't in a light hearted kinda mood during his appearance on the show.

Fronted by the Rizzle Kicks, Huey was asked to guess the next line from a series of songs including some of those by the Fun Loving Criminals. However, Huey didn't appear to enjoy the round or the use of the bands songs.

As the Rizzle Kicks tried to placate him with other songs whilst making light of the round and the task that they had to complete in order to get points, Huey decided to show his frustration by chucking a mug that was on the table, much to the shock of the hosts of the show and the rest odf the panelists.

Trying to figure out why Huey reacted in the way that he did, the Rizzle Kicks asked: "Why are you so angry with the next line game?" But that wasn't the end of Huey's frustration as he decided to storm off as the show was coming to an end.

Check out the clip.

As Huey's behaviour played out, it didn't take long for viewers and fans of the show to reveal what they thought about Huey and his behaviour. One Twitter user mused: "Huey Morgan kicking off on never mind the buzzcocks, hahaha, what a t**."

Revealing that the shocking episode of NMTB was the "highlight" of their evening, another viewer posted: "@RizzleKicks winding up Huey on Nevermind The Buzzcocks was literally the highlight of my evening along with @noelfielding11 & Paul Foot."

Finding Huey's behaviour funny, one viewer posted on the social networking site: "Crying with laughter again, this time over Huey Morgan smashing a mug on Never Mind the Buzzcocks #NMTB."

Huey chucks a mug on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (WENN / BBC)

"Watching never mind the buzzcocks - Huey Morgan is so childish," noted another user and viewer of the show.

Making a joke of the mug smashing, another fan wrote: "Looks like Huey Morgan had a "smashing" time on Never Mind The Buzzcocks."

Despite Huey's behaviour shocking many, the show didn't appear to take it too seriously as a picture of a NMTB mug with plasters on it was posted on the show's official Twitter page with the caption: "Don't judge @HueyMorgan too harshly. He paid the #NMTB mug's medical bills and it's making a great recovery."