'It Was Very Painful': Emma Thompson Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage To Thor Director Kenneth Branagh

The actress revealed all in an interview with Parade magazine

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Oscar winner Emma Thompson has given a tell-all interview to Parade magazine, which sees the star open up about her family, fame and the sour ending of her marriage to Thor director, Kenneth Branagh.

The actress looks younger than her years as she gives a coy smile on the magazine's front cover, but the interview inside is far from coy as Emma speaks up about her new movie, Saving Mr Banks, and her marriage to the movie director.

The Nanny McPhee star split from movie director and actor Kenneth in 1995 after he reportedly had an affair with Helena Bonham Carter, but despite her major upset at the time, Emma says she has put the scandal well and truly behind her.

“I don’t feel anger or depression about it now." The star revealed.

Emma looks picture perfect on the cover of the publication (Splash News)

"I think we place a lot of pressure on ourselves and our relationships.…Yes, it was very painful, but it was also something that happens between people a lot. Sometimes things go wrong and it doesn’t last, and that seems to me perfectly reasonable.” She added.

The 54-year-old also dished the dirt on her new movie, Saving Mr Banks, which sees her play the role of Mary Poppin's author P.L. Travers.

The film tells the tale of Walt Disney's campaign to convince Travers to let him make a musical out of her creation and also sees Emma star alongside Tom Hanks (Walt Disney) for the first time.

When asked about what it was like to work with the Cast Away actor, the Love Actually star said: "…for a long time we’d looked for something to do together. [After reading the script] I rang Tom and said, ‘This is great, because it’s not a romance. It’s about a battle that they both win and lose. It’s perfect.’"

However portraying the role of Travers wasn't all fun and games, with the actress admitting it was a bit of a pain having to emulate the author's prim and proper 1960s look all of the time!

Speaking about the perm she was made to have, Emma quipped: “It was a nightmare! People would bleat in the streets as I went by. I didn’t have sex for six months!”

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