Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Finalists Talk Bodies, Partners And Getting Glammed Up (VIDEO)

It's between Natalie, Abbey, Susanna and Sophie this weekend!

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The Strictly Come Dancing final hits our screens tonight and Natalie Gumede, Abbey Clancy, Susanna Reid and Sophie Ellis-Bextor will be hoping to be crowned winner - ahead of the big show, EntertainmentWise caught up with the four finalists to talk bodies, partners and getting glammed up.

Having such an intense workout regime throughout the competition, no doubt the contestant's bodies have changed dramatically - so we were keen to quiz the celebs on just how many changes they have noticed since starting the show.

Abbey told us: "I'm a lot more toned, I've got no boobs now."

Whilst Natalie added: "Slightly smaller and a lot more toned, but I think I'll get to enjoy that for about a week and then the mince pies will take hold again."

Susanna then said: "You're doing intense exercise all day, so you get much fitter and you develop much more stamina and notice it all over really."

And Sophie Ellis Bexter told us: "If I wasn't feeling fitter after dancing for six days a week for three months, something's very wrong. It's nice to feel a bit stronger, I think the training's been extraordinary really. I should probably say thankyou to my body because I've never put it through anything as intensive ever."

Three of the Strictly finalists (WENN/ITV)

Well, all celebs are looking great in our eyes! But, doesn't it get a little awkward getting so close to their dance partners?

Abbey was quick to reply: "No because you're playing a role and you're getting into a character."

Whilst Natalie added: "Artem's a professional dancer, I'm an actress, it's fine!"

Sophie said: "When I first watched dance I don't think I realised how physical things were until we've been putting together routines and you think 'oh, in order to make that wow moment of the lift that's how she's holding her.' So long as you giggle your way through it, it's fine."

Check out our full interview in the clip above.

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