'I Gotta Protect My Image!' Jennifer Lopez Fears Being Upstaged By Viola Davis As She Snubs Idea Of Cameo In Music Video

J.LO doesn't want to share the limelight

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Jennifer Lopez seemingly isn't one to share the spotlight as snubbed the idea of a cameo from Viola Davis in any future music videos, joking that 'The Help' actress would ruin her reputation as a popstar.

The catty remark came as banter between the co-stars during a recent interview together to promote their upcoming independent film 'Lila & Eve' which will be aired on US television network Lifetime.

While the pals may seem like an unusual pairing, they have worked together in the past on Steve Soderbergh's classic thriller 'Out Of Sight'. However it seems J.LO isn't so keen to give Viola a taste of pop stardom as she shut down the idea of a future cameo from the actress in her music video.

"[Would I make a cameo?]Really, she does not want me in the video because she knows I'm gonna make her look bad," Viola joked during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

J.LO laughed along with her co-star adding:  "Listen, I gotta protect my image!"  

Jennifer Lopez shut down the idea of a cameo from Viola Davis in any music videos (WENN/FayesVision)

Meanwhile, the duo reminisced on the first time they met each other on the set of 'Out Of Sight' which marked Viola's first big film debut.

"[It was a] feature film debut for me, so I felt like I made it," Viola recalled, before J.LO revealed they had a lot of fun whilst filming.

The 'On the Floor' hitmaker added: "I remember Viola very well, we had a great time that day."

Their new film, which Viola is also producing, tells the story of a grief stricken mother (Davis), who in the aftermath of her son's murder in a drive-by shooting, attends a support group where she meets Eve (Lopez), who has lost her daughter.

After failure by the police to identify her son's murderer, Eve encourages Lila to take matters into her own hands and together the pair embark on a killing spree to avenge her child.

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