The Bachelor Star Shayne Lamas 'Conscious And Stable' After Emergency Surgery Which Resulted In Miscarriage

The reality personality is recovering

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Lorenzo Lamas confirms his daughter Shayne Lamas is “conscious and stable” following her life-threatening miscarriage.

The Bachelor star Shayne was rushed to emergency on Sunday after she collapsed in the Orange County, California home she shares with husband Nik Richie. She was pregnant with her second child at the time, but she lost the baby when she arrived at hospital.

But according to E! News she never went into a coma, and Shayne is already on her path to recovery from the tragic malady.

"We are so grateful that my daughter is conscious and stable,” her 56-year-old father Lorenzo, a famous soap actor, told the outlet in a statement.

Shayne Lamas is not in a coma, according to her father (WENN)

“We are so very grateful to the hospital personnel and the doctors who saved her life last night. She will be remaining in the hospital until her doctors determine that she can be released."

Shayne, 28, was going into her second trimester of pregnancy when the miscarriage occurred.

TMZ reports doctors found she was “bleeding internally around her uterus and the situation was dire” when she arrived in their care. But the emergency operation surgeons performed failed to save the child she was carrying.

It is claimed Shayne is surrounded by family as she recuperates.

The news is hitting Shayne’s loved ones hard, and her husband Nik, who runs a website called The Dirty, is dropping all his professional commitments until she is better.

"I'm going to take some personal days off from the blogging world," he wrote on the site.

Shayne Lamas' husband Nik Richie will support his wife until she's well (WENN)

"Unfortunate things happen to good people. I'm not the best person in the world, but I love my wife and my family. Shayne is my good person. She is my support and my smile. I found you and I never want to let you go. We will overcome. Us 3. –nik."

Shayne won the 12th season of The Bachelor in 2008 after British financier Matt Grant proposed to her.

She and her current husband Nik share two-year-old daughter Press Dahl together. The couple were married in 2010, two years after she ended her brief relationship with Matt.