Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Buddy Ray J Films Another Romp... With Joan Rivers (WATCH)

Don't panic... it's a joke

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Kim Kardashian's ex-lover Ray J, with whom she famously starred in a sex tape back in 2007, has done it again.

A new clip posted online shows the singer in a similar scenario once again, but this time with a new lady between the sheets... Joan Rivers.

The whole thing is part of a gag for the Fashion Police frontwoman's show Joan & Melissa.

Ray J and Joan in the sack (YouTube)

After a LOT of panting, Joan says: "Oh, Ray-J, you're best!"

Referencing his famous tape with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Ray replies: "You're the best... and twice the woman Kim was."

Joan quips: "No, she was 32 at the time. I'm 3 times the woman!"

Watch the clip below:

Ray J and Kim's footage was arguably what put Kim into the spotlight and effectively launched her career.

The reality TV queen now appears in her family's franchise of reality shows, dabbles in fashion and is engaged to rapper Kanye West.

The pair became engaged last October, months after the birth of their baby North West in June.


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