Demi Lovato Shocked After Desperate Stage Invader BITES Security Guard At Rio De Janeiro Show

Now that's dedication!

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Demi Lovato's fans will clearly go any lengths to get close to the singer as things apparently took a drastic turn at the show in Brazil last night, when one of her Lovatics attempted to invade the stage, only to bite the security guard who tried to remove her.

The 'Heart Attack' singer brought her sold-out Neon Lights tour to the Citibank Hall in Rio de Janeiro for a second night on Sunday in support of her latest album 'Demi,' and it seems it was possibly her most raucous show to date.

Demi Lovato performing in Rio last weekend (AKM-GSI)

Shortly after the show, Demi, 21, shared details of the scary moment on Twitter, revealing that one fan tried to run onto the stage while she was performing but ended up sinking her teeth into one of her bodyguards.

“Apparently some girl BIT one of my security guards after she jumped on stage and I never even noticed,” Demi tweeted last night.

It's not only her fans that have gone wild in Brazil though as poor Demi got trapped in her hotel over the weekend due to the huge swarm of paparazzi that were trailing her.

“Spent all day in my hotel room after I landed in Rio. It's SO gorgeous out here and I wanna go to the beach but paps are ruthless,” Demi revealed.

“The other day someone set a go-pro camera on a remote control helicopter and flew it outside my room... Like... WTF?!! WHO DOES THAT?!!” she added.

The 'Made In The USA' star had better brace herself for a similar reaction in Europe as she has just announced that she will be bringing the jaunt there later this year, while fans in London can expect her on June 1 when she'll perform a one-off show at KOKO in Camden.

Check out the pics of Demi performing in Rio de Janeiro on her Neon Lights tour below...

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Demi Lovato performing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on her Neon Lights tour (AKM-GSI)