John Mayer Sings Of 'Heartbreak Warfare' Following Jennifer Aniston Split

His heart doesn't come with instructions, you know...

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John Mayer Sings Of 'Heartbreak Warfare' Following Jennifer Aniston Split
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John Mayer debuted a new song called Heartbreak Warfare this week, less than month after his rocky romance with Jennifer Aniston came to an abrupt end – could the two be connected, we wonder?

The couple called time on their year-long on/off relationship in March, amid claims that the Marley & Me star became fed up with the musician spending more time on Twitter than lavishing her with affection.

Whilst Jen isn't mentioned by name in the new track – which received it's first airing aboard John's Mayercraft fan cruiser, it features the chorus, "If you want more love, Why don't you say so?"

It also includes the lyrics: "Drop his name, push it in and twist the knife again; Watch my face as I pretend to feel no pain, pain, pain."

John told the crowd that he plans to record the track later this month for inclusion on his upcoming Battle Studies CD.

He said: "The concept of the album is the war of love - the art of war of love.

"Sometimes instead of saying 'I love you', people can't recognise that. They recognise how much you come to their aid when they are in pain.

"I am a positivity man," he continued. "Sometimes people try to recognise love in terms of negativity. When you are in that situation, that is not a lot of fun."

Sorry, what?

See Jen & John before the Heartbreak Warfare below

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