Anne Hathaway Says Johnny Depp Is A Regular Guy

The Alice In Wonderland actress talks about her co-star...

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Anne Hathaway Says Johnny Depp Is A Regular Guy
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Johnny Depp is a Hollywood icon and and seems like an all round amazing guy but Anne Hathaway tells Entertainment Tonight that her Alice in Wonderland co-star is just a regular guy.

The actress said, “He has such a mystique about him that I feel like his fans and the media puts on him.

“And he is as real a person as you can be. He’s, I think, exactly who he would be if none of this [fame] had happened to him.

“I admire that so greatly — it’s not only that it’s not gone to his head, but it’s not changed him one iota, and I think that’s remarkable.”

Anne plays the White Queen, sister of the Queen of Hearts and said her character, “It’s Wonderland — my character doesn’t really have to make any sense.

“I can have just as much fun, be just as creative as everyone else, even though I am the queen and the one that’s apparently in charge of everything but being in charge of a mad world means that you can be nutty, so then I just kind of went nuts.”

The film comes to cinemas in 3D on 5 March and sees Alice escaping a dull marriage by returning to Wonderland, where she meets the friends from her childhood, including, the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp.


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