Madonna Fights Injury To Perform At Super Bowl

She hurt her nose in a microphone accident...

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Madonna Fights Injury To Perform At Super Bowl
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It seems as if Madonna's performance at the Super Bowl this weekend could be under threat. Because she hurt her nose...

Her nose?!

The 'Vogue' star has been left more than a little flustered after pulling a hamstring and hurting her nose in a microphone accident during rehearsals.

We DESPERATELY want to know what qualifies as a "microphone accident".

Luckily, Madonna's a trooper and isn't one to make a fuss. She's steaming through rehab sessions to ensure she's fighting fit and performing at the Super Bowl as planned:

"My nose is healed. I'm okay. Lots of warm-ups and tapings and ultrasounds. I feel like I'm one of the football players right now with all the physical therapy I had to do. Mind over matter."

Bring on the spectacular performance you promised us!

Nose or not, we can't wait to see Madonna, Nicki Manaj and MIA perform their sexy new single 'Give Me All Ur Luvin'' at the Super Bowl later. FIngers crossed we don't all get distracted by the injured beak...

Madge never fails to give a spectacular performance; check out her past appearances on stage!

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