Men Who Wear Nail Polish: David Beckham, Seal, Johnny Depp & More

Is it wrong? Or so right?

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Nail polish has made a serious comeback, especially with this economic doom and gloom but now men have jumped on the bandwagon, with stars including Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba's husband Cash Warren and more trying out the colours.

Ok, so it's not necessarily a new thing - but in all fairness, we're used to boys rocking black nail varnish but now, it appears that blues and pinks are the order of the day.

Cristiano has been spotted with coloured toenails and Cash Warren joined Jessica Alba in the front row at New York Fashion Week sporting bright pink nails.

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Men wearing nail polish?

It's totally hot

Cute and quirky with the right colour

Hell no!

Seal - Is this why Heidi dumped you? Yellow nails is a sign of illness, not something that you should be flaunting!