PHOTOS: P Diddy's Girlfriend Cassie Works In An Ice Cream Truck?

Anything to pay the bills...

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With a famous boyfriend like P Diddy you might think singer Cassie has a life of luxury but the ‘King Of Hearts’ star put in some hard graft yesterday as she helped sell ice creams in New York.

It must be getting hot in the US because even the star are being roped in to help give out the summer treats. Despite her celebrity status Cassie, who was walking with friends in the trend Meatpacking district didn’t mind working the counter as she handed out ice cream sandwiches from the van and even tried one herself.

Rocking some huge shades and torn jeans the gorgeous singer didn’t exactly look like you average ice cream seller and after a few ice creams she ditched the van to return to the streets and danced with her friends.

Cassie is currently getting ready for the launch of her second album in September and though they have never confirmed reports P Diddy recently hinted at his love for the star.

He tweeted: "Everybody has an addiction mines happens to Be YOU!!!! :) I LOVE YOU BABE!! (sic)” in response to one of Cassie’s tweets.

We doubt Cassie is going to give up the day job but it is good she has something to fall back on!

Cassie Works The Ice Cream Truck

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