PHOTO: Kate Middleton Graces The Front Cover Of US Political Magazine With Rotten Teeth

Not her best look

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The Duchess of Cambridge has been photoshopped for the worst on the front cover of a US political magazine.

Our darling Kate has been the subject of some very bad photoshop skills as The New Republic magazine replaces her pearly whites with some rotten, yellow gnashers in their position.

The magazine have also tried to mockingly imitate the princess in waiting's style with a fancy hat that resembles the Jane Corbett design she wore to the Trooping the Colour parade.

The Duchess, 30, has graced the US magazine in a different way to usual as she appears in front of a tattered Union Jack alongside the words, ''Something’s Rotten. The Last Days of Britain.’’ Oh chill out.

Inside of the arts and politics magazine are several articles about the state of the United Kingdom ahead of this summer’s Olympics, and is now on newsstands in the States.

We're not all that bad… at least we don’t have bad weather...

The Jane Corbett hat the US magazine attempts to emulate...

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