VIDEO: 12 People Shot Dead, 50 Injured Including Three Month Old Baby At Midnight 'Dark Knight Rises' Screening In The US

Gunman dressed in black opened fire on audience 30 minutes into movie at Aurora Cinema, Denver

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14 people have been shot dead at a Batman film premiere in the city of Denver in the US, with around 50 people injured according to police, the youngest receiving medical treatment believed to be a three month old baby.

The MailOnline have reported that according to witnesses a 24 year-old gunman dressed in black and wearing a gas mask broke through a fire exit at the front of the auditorium and opened fire at the cinema complex in Aurora 30 minutes into a midnight showing of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Police claim to have one suspect in custody.

Ten of the vicitms died at the scene with four at nearby medical centres. Nine victims are believed to be in a critical condition along with the youngest victim a three month old baby with all shootings believed to be a point blank range.

One witness told CNN: “A guy slowly making his way up the stairs and firing - picking random people."

Other reports have stated that a smoke bomb was released during the incident with a witness telling 9News that during a shooting scene in the film he heard loud bands and smoke.

The witness claimed he initially thought they were live special effects put on by the cinema but now believes it was the gunman.

Hayden Miller, who was inside the Theatre 16 at the time told KUSA-TV: “Like little explosions going on and shortly after that we heard people screaming.”

He added that he saw, “people hunched over leaving theatre.” 

 According to the Daily Mail police spokesman Cassidee Carlson said: “the scene is still very active and we have little information for release at this time.”

More details to follow.

UPDATE: 14.32 BST.

-A suspect has been apprehended and named in connection with the killing. 24-year-old James Holmes's was arrested at his apartment. According to The Washington Post, the suspect is believed by investigators to have been armed with a shotgun a rifle and two handguns during the attack and indicated to police that there were explosives in his apartment.

-Police have revised down the death tollfrom 14 to 12. Reports suggest that 10 people died at the scene with two dying later in hospital.

-Warner Bros, the studio behind the film, has cancelled the Paris premier of the film and all interviews relating to its release. They released a statement saying:" Warner Bros is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time."

-President Obama has issued a statement in response to the killings, calling on his country to "come together as one American family".