PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan Dodges Press As She Demonstrates 'Thelma And Louise' Driving Skills

LiLo really IS desperate to star in a remake of the classic film...

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Lindsay Lohan has hit Twitter to reveal her secret wish for 'The Hunger Games' actress Jennifer Lawrence...

Lindsay Lohan has been slowly clawing her way back into the Hollywood lights, earning praise from the likes of Woody Allen and bagging a lead role in the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

But it's not enough for the 'Mean Girls' star yet; in fact, she's not content until she stars alongside 'The Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence in an ultra-violent version of 'Thelma and Louise'.

It seems oddly fitting. We know for a fact that LiLo has the driving skills required for the role...

Lindsay Lohan, July 22 2012 (Splash News)

Agonised expression? Check. Retro makeup? Check. Cray-cray driving skills? Check and check! You can see why Lindsay is so keen to get the wheels on this possible 'Thelma And Louise' remake rollling.

The actress recently addressed the Twitter-sphere in a bid to gain support for her dream remake of the classic Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis film, explaining that she wanted to star alongside Jennifer Lawrence in HER version:

"Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games is genius. I want to do Thelma & Louise wher (with her) but ala Natural Born Killers (style wise) 2 girls-2 guys... Thoughts?"

She definitely LOOKS the part. Whaddaya reckon?

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