PHOTOS: Jennifer Lawrence 'Does A Miley' At The Gym Ahead Of The Hunger Games Sequel

Is the actress trying to look super hot alongside Liam Hemsworth?

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'The Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted leaving a Los Angeles gym after working up a sweat yesterday (August 8), which begs one question – is the Hollywood star 'doing a Miley Cyrus' and trying to get fit ahead of her role alongside Liam Hemsworth in 'The Hunger Games 2'?

Although the star doesn't necessarily have too much to tone up, we can't help but wonder whether the actress is spending that extra time in the gym to look super hot alongside the even hotter Liam Hemsworth. I mean, we'd definitely want to look our best for that role! Wouldn't you?

In a recent interview with Marie Claire however, Liam's wife-to-be Miley Cyrus has insisted that Liam's closeness with Jennifer doesn't bother her, saying: ''People will say, ‘Oh Liam is so close to Jennifer Lawrence [Hunger Games],'' she told Marie Claire.

She then added: ''Well yeah, they just shot a movie together! He’s supposed to ignore her because she’s a chick? I could be standing next to a guy who is wearing a rainbow-coluored shirt that says, ‘I’m gay’ and people would still write, ‘Who is that guy with Miley?''

“It’s all bulls**t. Luckily, neither one of us is super-jealous. We know each other and would never do anything to hurt each other.''

Aaah, we're glad to hear that at least one celeb relationship is still going strong out there!

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Jennifer Lawrence works up a sweat at an LA gym, August 8 (Photos: Splash)