PHOTO: Rihanna Glamourizes Cannabis AGAIN In Sweatshirt Emblazoned With Joint

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She recently declared her undying love for the man who beat her to a pulp, Chris Brown, when she wspoke to Oprah Winfrey in a tell-all interview, so some might forgive Rihanna for turning to cannabis to calm her nerves.

But the 23-year-old singer is hardly setting a good example to her younger fans as she has yet again stepped out in an ensemble which glorifies the illegal drug, wearing a red sweatshirt featuring a black and white snap of someone rolling a joint when she landed in London last night.

RiRi has a love of London swag and is in awe of everyone's individuality she sees on the street, but this may be a little too far in the wrong direction to impress us Londoners.

She teamed the sweater with a maxi skirt featuring a thigh-high split, a pair of black converse and Gucci bag emblazoned with an American flag print in the form of the letter G.

Rihanna glorifying cannabis yet again in a controversial sweatshirt - Wenn

And it comes as a surprise that the We Found Love hitmaker has touched down in GB to attend talks on her squeaky clean fashion line for high-street chain River Island. You won't get into their good books rocking that, RiRi!

The singer tweeted on Monday before hopping on her London bound flight: ''Off to do some River Island business #fashawn #takeof.''

And this isn't the first time Rihanna's been papped glamourizing cannabis, as she was photographed in a t-shirt that showing a woman rolling a joint in six easy steps when she exited an LA restaurant earlier this month.

Rihanna obviously thinks it's a cool thing to do as she has made no secret of being a drug user, with leaked photos from Coachella Festival showing her rolling a joint and later tweeting to her fans: ''I'm crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else,'' and ''Bob Marley is my HERO #thatisall.''

Gosh you're so cool, Rihanna. Not.

Rihanna dines out alone in Santa Monica...

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Rihanna dines out alone in Santa Monica, August 22 (Photos: Splash)