PHOTOS: Taylor Swift Shows Off A Lot Of Leg As She Parties In Rio De Janeiro

The singer has a figure to die for!

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Taylor Swift is known for her slim figure and it seems that she just can't stop showing it off as she got her legs out last night in Rio de Janeiro, making a lot of passer-bys extremely jealous and we can't blame them!

The six-time Grammy winner is currently living the high life in Brazil and accepted a Gold Record Award whilst clad in a floral dress yesterday (September 13), which she then changed to a slinky black number to hit the town later that eve.

The star teamed the black number with some red lippy and wore her blonde locks down, looking every part the award winning country star as she was pictured stepping out of a taxi onto the streets of Rio.

Looking good, Taylor!

Taylor shows off some leg in Rio! (Photo: Splash News)

Meanwhile, there has been so much speculation surrounding who exactly the singer's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' is about, that even we were shocked when the 'definite' person behind those emotional lyrics was revealed as ex boyf Jake Gyllenhaal and now it all makes sense - especially judging by her heart-felt performance at last week's VMAs.

According to US Weekly, a source has said: “It’s definitely about Jake”.

The music video features an actor who looks like Jake and the lyrics are telling too: “Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change.”

And Swift's performance on Thursday was the fourth time she has performed at the VMAs - singing the song that has sold a record-breaking 623,000 digital copies. Impressive!

We definitely had an inkling that the track was about Jake, but now that it's been reported that this is definitely the case, it makes sense, especially as the pair apparently went through quite a tough break-up.

Were you shocked when you found out the track was about Jake?

Taylor Swift shows off a lot of leg in Rio de Janeiro

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Taylor Swift shows off a lot of leg in Rio, September 13 (Photos: Splash News)