PHOTOS: Matt Smith And Jenna-Louise Coleman Get To Work On The Doctor Who Set

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman look like they're set to become our favourite Doctor Who duo...

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Doctor Who fans will be happy to hear that Matt Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman have been spotted filming new scenes for the hit BBC1 sci fi show - and their natural chemistry looks like it could make them the best Doctor-Assistant double act yet!

As Doctor Who viewers will already know, Jenna-Louise Coleman - despite being scheduled to appear as the Doctor's companion in the Christmas special - has already been in the show. And, awkwardly, died in the the Daleks Asylum.

Why? Well, Oswin Oswald (Coleman) had a secret - one that not even she knew. She was, essentially, a Dalek in denial. And then Stephen Moffat had her (along with all the other Daleks) blown to smithereens as the Doctor (Smith) and his companions beat a hasty retreat.

So how will the writers get around this? After all, we can't have the Doctor travelling about with a Dalek - albeit a very attractive Dalek - and a ghost wouldn't really work too well either.

The theory seems to rest on the NAME of Jenna-Louise Coleman's character. When her arrival was first announced, the name given to her character was Clara Oswin, not Oswin Oswald.

So she could be Oswin's twin sister. Or maybe she found a way to save herself from the Asylum (she did have super-human intelligence!) and applied the same cooking knowledge she was using in her souffles to perform a reverse Dalek-conversion.

Or, more complicatedly, perhaps the Doctor will meet Oswin / Clara earlier in her timeline, long before she becomes a Dalek? Many fans noted that the pair displayed similar personality traits, including a mischievous sense of discovery, and an easy familiarity - all of which suggested that she'd met Matt Smith's Doctor before.

However Stephen Moffat decides to save her, Oswin Oswald (or Clara Oswin) is DEFINITELY back in serious style, judging from the photos below.

Do you think that Jenna-Louise Coleman and Matt Smith make a great Doctor and Assistant team?

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