PHOTOS: Scantily Clad Miley Cyrus Kisses Another Man In Two And A Half Men Debut

Actress played chatterbox Missi

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Miley Cyrus may have not appeared on the small screen for a good few years, but the actress showed she still had it when she made her debut appearance on Two And A Half Men in the US last night.

With her hair chopped in an edgy short do, Miley's character, Missi, was miles away from Miley's portrayal of Disney's wholesome Hannah Montana.

In the episode, Missi could be seen making herself at home pretty quickly after introducing herself to dazed and confused Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) and Alan (Jon Cryer) at breakneck speed.

Far from being a wallflower, Missi, who is the daughter of one of Walden's friends, could then be seen donning her bikini and suggestively asking Walden to apply suncream to her back. She said:

"Do you mind if I take the girls out? Get some colour on Kim and Khloe?"

With her bubbly persona, it didn't take long for Walden and Jake (Angus T Jones) to fall for her charms and for Missi. However, despite locking lips with Jake,  it wasn't meant to be as viewers saw Missi decided to return home and to give things another go with her ex boyfriend.

Speaking about Miley, who filmed scenes with Ashton whilst wearing lingerie, the Mail Online reports Cryer praising Miley backstage at the Emmys.

He gushed: "We did it in front of the audience, Miley brought it. Miley was just on fire, did fantastic. Then, I remembered, ‘Oh, yes, she was actually hatched in the Disney labs in Burbank and grown for just this sitcom situation'."

Check out Miley's scantily clad Two And A Half Men debut!

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