PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson Shows Off Toned Legs As She Continues Post-Baby Weight Loss

Star has been putting herself through some pretty hardcore workouts...

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Jessica Simpson has been trying desperately to shed those unwanted post-baby pounds and it seems like the star is well on track as she showed off her toned legs yesterday (October 20).

The new mother got her legs out at Saks Fifth Avenue, teaming a pair of tiny black shorts with a black jumper, showing off just how much weight she's lost since the birth.

Weight Watchers reportedly paid Simpson $4 million to reach her 130 lbs target, after she reportedly hit the scales at 210lbs at the height of her pregnancy.

Jessica admitted to USA Today: "I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it."

Jessica shows off her post-baby bod, October 20 (Photo: Splash News)

Adding, "I wanted to be happy and eat what I wanted...I didn't realise it didn't all come off with the baby."

But, celeb trainer Harley Pastemark was quick to jump to Jess' rescue, who also helped sculpt the famous bodies of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom and Kanye West. Pretty good then, eh?

"When I saw Jessica shortly after she gave birth, she wasn't herself. Her body wasn't hers. I could see how uncomfortable she was in it," Pasternak told People.

"I'm blown away by her progress....She's made incredible strides, but she knows there is more work to do."

Looking good, Jess!

Jessica Simpson shows off post-baby weight loss

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Jessica Simpson shows off recent weight loss, October 20 (Photos: Splash News)