PHOTOS: Which Of Taylor Swift's Ex Boyfriends Inspired Which Break-Up Song?

In the wake of her split from Conor Kennedy, we match up Taylor Swift's exes to her breakup songs...

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We were shocked to hear that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy had called time on their ultra-cute relationship today, citing the singer's busy work schedule as the reason behind the split. But, looking at Taylor's track record of writing her famous ex-boyfriends into her breakup songs, it seems as if Conor might want to keep an ear out for her next big tune...

The 22 year-old, who has previously been linked to Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Harry Styles (what?!) and Eddie Redmayne, is famed for using her music as a kathartic exercise.

And, as Taylor Swift has written so many songs about heartbreak and breakups, it makes sense that her fans have been busy trying to guess which of her famous ex-boyfriends each song is about.

From the downright obvious ('Dear John' for John Mayer, anyone?) to the slightly more cryptic (let's talk 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'), we've decided to take a look back over Taylor Swift's biggest breakups and match them up with her biggest breakup songs.

Check out the gallery below - do you agree with our interpretations of Taylor Swift's biggest hits? 


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Joe Jonas apparently broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone (oh no he DIDN'T!) and she quickly penned 'Forever & Always' about him. And 'Last Kiss'. And 'Better than Revenge'. Nothing says "I'm over you" like THREE songs, eh? October 25 2012 (Splash News)