PHOTO: Olympic Diver Tom Daley Treats Fans To A Naked Photo

Tom Daley showed off ALL of his swimmer's body to the masses online...

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Tom Daley, famed for his Olympic medals, well-honed body and Cheryl Cole flirtations, has treated fans to an ultra-revealing snap of his naked body...

Team GB may not be competing in the London Olympic Games 2012 anymore, but that doesn't mean they're going to stop making headlines anytime soon!

Tom Daley, professional diver, took the plunge this weekend with a naked Facebook snap - with just a well-positioned piece of A4 paper to protect his modesty...

Tom Daley - naked! October 29 2012 (Splash News / Facebook)

And it turned out that - judging by the Facebook caption - Tom Daley wanted a little something in return from his fans in exchange for the sexy snap.

"Cheeky pic ;) everyone follow me on keek! You will love it :D."

Wowza! If this is what he gives out as an incentive, we wonder what lucky followers will get in return for actually following him...?

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