PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Joke Around On Spanish Talkshow

The 'Twilight' cast played games involving blindfolds and buzzers...

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The 'Twilight' cast are currently in the midst of promoting their latest and final movie 'Breaking Dawn Part 2', making an appearance on talk show El Hormiguero in Madrid, which saw the trio playing a bunch of rather odd games, involving blindfolds and buzzers. Standard.

The main cast members Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner caused quite a stir when they attended their London premiere for the movie on Wednesday night (November 14), but things were hardly the same as a red carpet event for the trio yesterday, when they were presented with blindfolds and buzzers by the Spanish presenter.

The 'Twilight' cast mess around on Spanish talkshow, Nov 15 (Photo: Splash News)

And as the promo continues, it seems like there's one cast member in particular who wants to take a step away from the 'Twilight' franchise, to erm... go into porn.

It appears that heart-throb Robert Pattinson is more than happy to leave his Vampire days behind and take up a career as a porn star now that the 'Twilight' movies have come to an end.

The actor, who has played brooding vampire Edward Cullen in the franchise which saw the first film released in 2008, admitted his shocking career move as he walked the red carpet at the London premiere.

According to the Daily Star, the star joked: "I have thought about getting into porn a lot.”

"We could do dirty versions of the Twilight films. I particularly like Banging Dawn.”

What do we think? Career change for R-Patz?

The 'Twilight' cast joke around on Spanish talkshow

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The 'Twilight' cast joke around on Spanish talkshow, November 15 (Photos: Splash News)