PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Sexiest 'Twilight' Moments

We look at the vampire stars getting steamy on screen

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The final film 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' has been released, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reunited on the red carpet, and as fans continue to flock to watch the 'Twilight Saga' across the globe we're slightly bummed out that this is going to be the last 'Twilight' film, and therefore the last time we'll get to see Edward and Bella getting close on screen.

Throughout 'Twilight' it's been rather a case of will they won't they, with Edward and Bella saving themselves for marriage and being engaged in a love triangle with the werewolf Jacob, there's also been the physical difficulties of vampire-human hanky panky; the super strength of 'Twilight's' vampires mean

But that hasn't stopped Edward and Bella having some pretty intimate moments, after all things can get romantic without going all the way.

From those fleeting stolen moments in 'Twilight' to their building love story and reconciliation in 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse', and then the consumation of a love story in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1', there've been no shortage of beautiful moments between stars

Adding to the intrigue to the on-screen romance was added by the fact that the two stars were dating in real life, with fans getting a glimpse into the off screen relationship of their idols when watching their steamy scenes.

Now, with Bella also a vampire, the pair can indulge as much as they like, until that is their daughter Renesmee is threatened, but to celebrate the pair's love-story in its entirety, here are some of Rob and Kristen's sexiest 'Twilight' moments...


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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's sexiest moments (Photo: Summit/eOne/WENN)