PHOTOS: Taylor Swift Bids Goodbye To Tokyo With 'Cat-Related Gifts'

Moves on to Australia

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Taylor Swift has waved goodbye to Tokyo after what appears to have been an action-packed stint in the buzzing city.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' star was photographed flying out of the Japanese capital this morning with earphones in place and guitar in hand.

She tweeted: "Leaving Tokyo. I'll miss you guys. Thank you for your lovely hospitality and cat-related gifts. :)"

It had been a fun trip for the star, judging by her previous posts. She posted upon her arrival on Wednesday: "Landed in Japan a few hours ago- thank you to all the wonderful fans at the airport for your adorable gifts and adorable-ness in general :)"

She later joked: "Time to play my nightly game of "where are the light switches in this hotel room?"" Oh, Taylor...

The next stop on her promo tour is Australia. Of her cheeky guitarist, she wrote: "Now we're off to Australia, where @GrantMickelson will undoubtedly refer to koalas as 'panda bears' no matter how many times we correct him."

We just want to be her best friend, really.

Check out snaps of her leaving Tokyo below.

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