'Jack Reacher's' Rosamund Pike Reveals Tom Cruise's Bedroom Secrets

Brit actress co-stars with Tom in adaptation of Lee Child's books

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They share some flirty scenes in new action film Jack Reacher and now actress Rosamund Pike has revealed exactly how the legendary Tom Cruise got her in the mood for their love scenes.

Brit actress and former Bond girl Rosamund plays an attorney opposite Cruise's mysterious investigator in the big screen adaptation of Lee Child's bestselling series of novels. It was the first time Rosamund had acted opposite superstar Cruise, and the actress reveals the screen god taught her a lot.

Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike co-star in 'Jack Reacher' (WENN)

Rosamund tells Grahmam Norton's New Years Eve show that Tom would sit her down in front of classic movies like 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and 'His Girl Friday' so she'd get in a flirty mood. Rosamund revealed to the chat show audience: “Tom educated me.”

Meanwhile Tom, who also appears on Graham's show, reportedly couldn't stop gushing about his gorgeous co-star, saying: 

“She was just perfect. Alfred Hitchcock would have killed for her. She is a great actress, very beautiful and cinematic.”

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