LIVE REVIEW: The Vaccines Bring Skinny-Jeaned Indie Anthems To London's O2 Arena

The band opened their tour in the capital this week

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Opening their UK ‘Come of Age Tour’ tour at the O2 Arena in London, The Vaccines are here to prove just how much they’ve grown over the short years they’ve been together.

Walking into the atmospheric O2 Arena the majority of the crowd is made up of pre-pubescent teens and skinny-jeaned indie kids who look as if they treat NME as their bible and style guide. It’s obviously a cool thing to like a band like The Vaccines, so we’re here to see whether they’re just a passing phase or if their arena shows will catapult them into the big league.

The Vaccines performing at the Reading Festival in 2012 (WENN)

Opening the set with ‘No Hope’ the band are greeted by mosh-pits and wild cheers from the word go. The song is filled with punchy lyrics and an upbeat tempo that immediately strikes a familiar chord with fans.

Lead singer and guitarist Justin Young is brilliantly energetic tonight, where he leaps and bounds across the stage, much to the crowd’s delight. Playing the well known song ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ this is where the band stands out from the other indie acts around at the moment, with a pogoing rhythm which mirrors the classic sound of The Ramones and drawing similarities to the punk era. Plenty of Ra Ra Ra’s later the crowd has definitely been whipped up into a head banging and pogo hopping frenzy.

‘Tiger Blood’ provides a pause for breath after the dramatically robust opening. So far the band have proved they’re not just another indie wannabe arena band, where they’re doing a great job of connecting to the masses.

‘Wetsuit’ is set off with passion, where the build-up to the chorus allows time for mandatory crowd clapping and participation proving there’s nothing quite like a good old chant in a packed out arena. It’s this track that allows the bands emotional side to unite, with the lyrics spilling out beautifully through the venue walls.

The set continues from strength to strength with ‘Teenage Icon’ pulsating a strong beat, forcing you to wriggle and dance like a wild rock child, let the hip swinging commence! Musically, the band proves they’re extremely tight as a unit, the guitar solo and melody from the keys shows that they’re more than capable of producing great hits too.

Tonight’s performance of punk inspired hits turned into stadium indie-rock anthems will cement The Vaccines prominence in the charts and mainstream music industry. The show proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with and not just another comparable indie-band, nice work boys.