A record that oozes heartache, rebellion and a drop of embarrassment

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Miley Cyrus has catapulted herself into the headlines in the past few months for her tongue poking and constant twerking rather than her music. With Twitter spats and x-rated photos she is a far cry from Disney’s Hannah Montana and ‘Bangerz’ is her way of showing the world she has evolved. The question is, with all this media hype and her ‘Movement’ described on her MTV documentary, has she grown up? Or is this constant need to shock a little immature?

Adore You

A surprisingly subtle start with a concentration on the vocal ability rather than the circus that surrounds her. There’s no attitude and the song showcases a vulnerable side to Miley as she sings ‘Me and you were meant to be in holy matrimony.’ She was engaged and she is young, so this song reflects that side of her, but it seems to be the only one with any sensitivity.

Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' is out now (Miley Cyrus/Instagram)

We Can't Stop

A previous UK number one, and rightly so as it is catchy, it’ll stick in your head for days. However the mention of ‘Molly’ and people ‘getting some’ is what shocked the world, along with the bizarre video. It was the introduction to the new her, and it prepared us for the rest of this album.

SMS (Bangerz) Featuring Britney Spears

If we’re talking Disney stars gone bad then Britney is a fitting addition to the album. The track includes a similar low voice from ‘We Can’t Stop’ singing ‘Strut Your Stuff’ throughout and there is a lot of talking/rapping from both of the girls. It’s a song that has confidence and an essence of girl power but definitely has a large element of cringe.

4x4 Featuring Nelly

We hear Miley go back to her routes slightly with this track as there is country music twang with the sound of an accordion. Although it doesn’t have the vibe as ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ as she talks about how she is a female rebel and Nelly claims he is a ‘Crazy mother ****** from the mid west’.

My Darling Featuring Future

There is a sample of the lyrics from the famous ‘stand by me’ and the rapper featured is very much auto tuned and doesn’t really seem needed or relevant throughout. There is another mention of an alter, the more the album goes on the more you can tell she may be drawing from her recent breakup from Liam Hemsworth.

Wrecking Ball

Available in the UK this week, the video has overshadowed the fact that this is probably one of her best contributions to music. She’s hidden her talent and ability to provoke emotion by throwing her naked body all over the place. This song will continue to be underrated because she has hidden her talent behind a controversial music video.

Love Money Party Featuring Big Sean

An attempt at hip hop that doesn’t even sound like Miley Cyrus. She talks about love money and partying like they are ‘cool’ and it’s almost like a teenager trying to impress somebody. The track is very repetitive and sometimes she talks so fast that you can’t understand what she is saying. All in all a failed attempt from Cyrus to be hip.


From trying to be hip to trying to be sexy, this song is all about sex. There is a pop sound on the song with a similar guitar sound to ‘Party In The USA,’ but this song has no innocence at all. She sings about things she wants to try and talks of ‘getting it on’ as well as telling us the gentleman in question makes her ‘tongue go do do do’ which may explain why it’s never in her mouth. Yes Miley is 20 but some of her fans are not and this song is very much about sex.

Maybe You're Right

Finally her vocals are showcased again as she is singing rather than attempted the talking/rapping thing. With a dubstep backing beat the song is about heartbreak but it’s not in sadness it is more the angry side of love, ‘it was all just a lie’ she says, this song is a far cry from Disney’s little star.

FU Featuring French Montana

There is a very musical theatre feel to this track and it really feels like it could be on Broadway in a show. It’s big and jazzy with huge notes and a lot of emotion which is in keeping with the angry break-up feeling that is continually apparent.

Do My Thang

In case anybody didn’t know Miley Cyrus is okay doing her own thing or ‘thang’ as she sings here. There are more attempts at the sexy talky / rapping as well as a mention of drug use. Another track in which she wants the world to know she is trendy and completely capable of doing whatever she wants, like a teenager showing off to her friends.

Maybe You’re Right

Various mentions of leaving someone behind and starting a new chapter, which we would all assume is about Liam Hemsowrth however could she be referring to her once clean-cut self? This is definitely one of the calmer and more relaxing songs on the album, everything else is very full on but ‘Maybe You’re Right’ slows things down a bit, seems a little less try hard and more innocent.

Someone Else

Bangerz is closed with a very over-produced song with loads of different beats and sounds and considering the song seems to have some important lyrics this seems a bit odd. One of the stand out lyrics of the song, and probably the album is ‘I’ve turned into someone else.’ Yes Miley, you have.

Bangerz is very much a heartbreak record as well as one that is putting two fingers up at the world. Miley Cyrus seems to have no limits and ultimately is a bit of a show off. Her vocals cannot be faulted and anyone who can get Britney on their record is a lucky artist.

However the songs are all trying very hard to be cool and shocking which makes her seem a little embarrassing. Her fans will love it because they adore her, but Bangerz will just be another reason for the media to put the spotlight on Miley for all the wrong reasons.

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